Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Dailies" March 22, 2006

Isaiah 53:8-12

"He was taken from prison and from judgment, and who shall declare his generation? for He was cut off out of the land of living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken.
And He made His grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death; because he had done no violence, neither was any deceit in His mouth.
Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise Him; He hath put Him to grief: and when thou shalt make His soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days, and the pleasure of the Lord shall prosper in His hand.
He shall see of the travail of His soul, and shall be satisfied: by His knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many; for He shall bare their iniquities.
Therefore will I divide Him a portion with the great, and He shall divide the spoil with the strong; because He hath poured out His soul unto death: and was numbered with the transgressors; and bare the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."
(NOTE: Today after about 2 weeks, I finished memorizing Isaiah 53! I would like to eventually memorize all of the Messianic prophecies in Isaiah.)

“The meaning of these “stripes” in the original language is not a pleasant description. It means to be actually hurt and injured until the entire body is black and blue as one great bruise. Mankind has always used this kind of bodily laceration as a punitive measure....
But the suffering of Jesus Christ was not punitive. It was not for Himself and not for punishment of anything that He Himself had done.

The suffering of Jesus was corrective. He was willing to suffer in order that He might correct us and perfect us, so that His suffering might not begin and end in suffering, but that it might begin in suffering and end in healing.

Brethren, that is the glory of the cross! That is the glory of the kind of sacrifice that was for so long in the heart of God! That is the glory of the kind of atonement that allows a repentant sinner to come into peaceful and gracious fellowship with his God and Creator! It began in His suffering and it ended in our healing. It began in His wounds and ended in our purification. It began in His bruises and ended in our cleansing.”
- p. 7-8, Who Put Jesus on the Cross? by A. W. Tozer

Today in History:

  • 1457-Gutenberg Bible becomes 1st printed book.
  • 1733-Carbonated water invented.
  • Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899) French landscape painter

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