Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm Back!

First off I must apologize:

  1. I'm sorry for not staying consistent with 'Dailies.' I have decided to simply blog, 'spontaneously.'
  2. I'm sorry for not posting at all these last few months. I suppose I caught a 'Blog Laziness Virus.' Unexpectedly our computer crashed in June and we did not purchase another one until last Saturday and did not gain Internet access until yesterday.

Now with a clear conscience allow me to tell you a bit about my summer so far:

I've enjoyed teaching my five piano students since April. It's so interesting to see their personality shine through in their progress and performance. My teacher will be lightening her student load this school year and is planning on giving me her 'rejects!'

In June Mamma and I traveled to Kentucky to visit my Grandparents for three days. Mamma and I enjoyed a lot of conversation time in 14 hours driving time, coming and going. We all enjoyed visiting Shaker Town in Haroddsburg and going on a river boat ride.

Towards the end of June, some friends from Texas came and stayed at our house for three full days. Their family includes three boys and one little girl. There wasn't one moment of quietness especially since we invited my piano teacher's little girl to spend those three days with us also. They built two fires over and in which we cooked chicken, potatoes, apples, hot dogs, and marshmellows. We visited Rickwood Caverns, went swimming, and played at the nearby park. The little girls rummaged through my fabric chest to design dress-up outfits, did their nails, had a tea party, played dolls...there never was a dull moment with them around.

The following weekend after their departure, we enjoyed attending our state's annual Home-School conference. I loved being able to view and purchase so many wonderful books and multimedia resources. Listening to Gary DeMar, Diana Waring, and John Eidsmoe was so inspiring!

The following weekend I attended a Piano Day Camp at nearby Samford University. It was the highlight of my summer. Between private lessons, music history, guest artists, swimming, ensemble, computer, outdoor games, practicing, and uggh! theory( I know, I know, it's very important but I'm only just now beginning to appreciate and enjoy a little), I arrived home each night exhausted.

Between those activities, I've managed to squeeze in some Summer school: Algebra, Art History, Government, Grammer, and SAT Prep. I prefer schooling year round anyway but due to my decision to complete High School in three years it's absolutely neccessary.

However, summer's not over yet! I especially feel it (physically) seeing as our central air blew out at the beginning of the summer and to replace is way too expensive for us and my parents aren't willing to go into debt in order to pay for it. Also, weekend after next my family will be heading up the road to Nashville in order to attend Rhea's Entrepreunerial Days. My family may possibly be renting a river house towards the end of August for a family reunion.

If you would like to view photos from my summer please visit:


Apology #3: I suppose I've told you more than just a bit of my summer. Sorry for rambling! May your summers end having been blessed, encouraged, and happy!

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