Saturday, October 14, 2006

My Holy Ambition

Every individual obtains a passion, a goal in mind to reach. God has instilled a “holy ambition” into all of His children. A holy ambition is something you absolutely cannot avoid, something that keeps creeping into every area of your life, whether minute or encompassing. One of my main holy ambitions is to spread family reformation through ministry to single mothers and their children.

Within the last four to five years I’ve been introduced to and joined a phenomenon known as “Family Reformation.” With 75%-85% of Christian youth leaving the Church by their freshman year of college, the need for reformation is prevalent. One of the primary reasons for Church dropout is the form of education these children are receiving. If a K5-12th grade education includes approximately 14,000 hours of seat time, then the gateway to a child’s mind, heart, and soul, is opened to whoever they are seated before. Give me 14,000 hours with a child and I can turn that person into anything I want him to be. With the rise of home-education and private Christian schools, more of those hours are being spent in the right place. However, many parents are not capable of rightly educating their children, and a total removal of the public education system would result in total collapse of an important area of society.

A drop in the bucket solution is my holy ambition. One major group of parents in need of help with educating their children is single mothers. God has commanded the Church to provide for widows and orphans. With the removal of the father from these families, they need as much help from the Church as possible.

Spiritual, physical, and mental ministry is needed. Because of the background most of the women will be coming from, the spiritual ministry will be the most prolonged and important area. Mentoring, counseling, and in-depth instruction in the Bible and family structure will be implemented.

It is not the government’s responsibility but the Church’s to provide for the physical well-being of single mothers. Financial aid for housing, food, and transportation, will be available. So that a measure of independence can be gained, money management and home business skills will be taught.

Some of the mothers may not have a sufficient academic background. If they are to ultimately educate their children, this void must be filled. Tutoring and classes will be provided for these
mothers. Although, how will the children be properly educated until this void is filled?

A charity-based Christian private school will be provided for this transition period and for those who have no other alternative. The school will provide Biblical, mental, social, practical, and
academic training. Small classes, mentoring, and staying alert to the child’s gifts and natural bent will be utilized. Life skills, the arts, and Christian thought will be strongly emphasized.

The ultimate goal is that more souls will be truly won to Christ by building Christian lives through consistent discipleship. Although I don’t know yet what season of my life this will transpire in, I do know that I am amazingly and constantly being prepared for this work. Pursuing this holy ambition of ministering to single mothers will prove to be immensely rewarding.

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