Monday, May 26, 2008

My Hard Things

The following classification and concept is taken from Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris

Hard Things Outside My Comfort Zone:

  • Obtain Driver’s License-I need to offer to drive more and stop getting frustrated when I have to drive and park in situations that are tough for me.
  • Interview at the schools-Practice interviewing, and then actually go and talk to the principles (I teach piano at one private school and there's another local one I'd like to teach at. Thus far my mom and piano teacher have taken care of getting me set up.)
  • Conversing with and ministering to the elderly-Visit Mrs. Sawyer (my next door neighbor) at least once a month
  • Be more involved in exercise and team games-I’m not an outdoor person which means I’m sometimes a loner when hanging with friends. I know I’m not good at team games so I just don’t try. I need to try more and get some more Vitamin D.

Hard Things that Go Beyond What Is Expected or Required:
  • Study tough theology, hermeneutics, and works by great Christian men like C.S. Lewis, Francis Schaeffer, John Bunyan, and Jonathon Edwards
  • Pursue total excellence in music, writing, and reading
  • My mom has always stressed, neatness, going beyond what is expected, and honor and integrity in every area-I need to step up to the plate.
  • Learn to edit
  • Conquer my unwillingness to face and change relationships
  • Minister to my neighbors
  • Overcome selfishness in friendships that don’t meet “my” needs and expectations

Hard Things that Are Too Big to Accomplish Alone:
  • Form Tutor/Extra-curricular/Opportunities for Home-Schoolers of Alabama Database: Call all the church schools in Alabama
  • Ask questions and dream
  • Don’t stop with the family worship night in August, have more family music events-folk, multi-cultural, classical, holiday, hymns…
  • Get local friends together for meaningful discussion and activities
  • Education of true history and literature: Game Plan-Blog and Discussion Forum, Webzine, print magazine(outreach to private schools), books, children’s and teen programs for private school special presentations, camps, conferences, day, after-school, summer care programs. Incorporate hands-on projects to battle today’s historically relevant issues such as abortion, China’s slavery, etc.
  • Get Do Hard Things in the libraries
  • Prayer vigils

Hard Things that Don’t Earn an Immediate Payoff:
  • Laziness with housework
  • Discontent-I need to learn to “live in the moment.”
  • Spending focused time with God
  • Sewing and other home arts
  • Emotional purity
  • Humility
  • Self-control when aggravated by Greg
  • Jealous because God has brought certain people, events, and resources, into other people’s lives and not mine, instead of focusing on and rejoicing in what God has brought into my life.
  • “Losing it” when the unexpected occurs and I arrive in unknown territories.

Hard Things that Challenge the Cultural Norm:
  • Possessing natural, feminine grace
  • Being a lady and a Rebelutionaire in every situation-even when it’s easier to just follow the crowd or fall somewhere in between.
  • Be enthusiastic about my non-traditional, post-high school goals.

Issues Dear to My Heart:
  • Private and home education
  • China’s slavery
  • Abortion
  • Congress
  • Families with a heart to adopt but can't afford to.
  • Single mothers on welfare


Lora Lynn said...

An admirable and challenging list. Go for it!

Sara said...
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