Monday, October 27, 2008

Satisfying Music

Yesterday at church, a friend told me about the music of Nathan Clark George. I've been listening to his music for the last 30 minutes. Ahhh....simple yet beautiful scripture choruses and hymns. Consisting of little more than acoustic guitar and vocals, it's uncluttered music that I can focus and meditate on.

It reminds me of Fernando Ortega, except George seems to have a more focused, placed, voice and more concrete, yet flowing, melodic phrasing. He also has a few songs thrown in that arf reminiscent of Caedmon's Call alternative/folk rock songs about every day life. Not, to mention he's also a former seminary student and homeschool dad of 5. Yes, this is a talented Christian music artist that doesn't do anything without the rest of his family. So, why don't you click on over and listen to some very satisfying music: Nathan Clark George Music.

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