Monday, November 24, 2008

Spiritual Sunday: Week 2

Here are a few blog posts that were encouraging to me this last week:

"Does Emotional Purity Mean No Pain?"~Heather Paulsen at Emotional Purity: "Are you sold on the idea of emotional purity because you fear being hurt? Or because you've been hurt in the past and there is no way you're going to let that happen to you again?"

"Authentic Communication"~Heather Paulsen at Emotional Purity: "How well do you communicate? I mean really communicate?"

"The Superiority of Their Women"~Kelly at Generation Cedar: ""I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position..." Women of the past...America owes its greatness to their sacrifice, and we would do well to learn from them..."

"Friendships"~Jasmine Baucham at Joyfully Home:
"I wanted to talk just a bit about the important influence that we as older young women can have on shaping part of the "education" of younger girls, just by our friendship and encouragement. Now, I think ladies with younger sisters have the upper-hand in this area, but we girls who only have brothers (and lots of 'em in my case :-) can be sisterly to the other younger women in our lives!"


Anonymous said...

Interesting links!

I've been thinking about you, sweetie. Hope you're doing well. ((HUGS))

Ana Smith said...

Awww..thank you very much, I'm doing pretty well. :-) Hug!