Tuesday, December 23, 2008

15 Things I'm not Afraid to Admit About Myself

Over a month ago, Taylor tagged me and I failed to do it. Sorry Tay, here it is:

  1. I try to stay informed about the state of my country and my world, but honestly I hate politics.
  2. In relation to that, I hate any kind of conflict.
  3. I hate country, rap, heavy metal, and vocal bluegrass. I'll listen to pretty much anything else.
  4. I don't like eggs unless their hot and there's a bunch of other stuff mixed in. I also despise potato salad.
  5. I'm just as comfortable in a Charismatic Church service as when I'm at my home church which is Reformed Presbyterian.
  6. I think watching Gone with the Wind was one the biggest wastes of my time.
  7. I don't like Christian romance novels (i.e. Janette Oke).
  8. I like Ancient History (it's NOT boring!)
  9. I hate Physics
  10. I'm not in much of a Christmas mood (hey! where'd the music go? ahhh...that's better!)
  11. I stink at all outdoor activities
  12. I've yet to find a "handmade" pastime that I'm good at
  13. I'm (semi) addicted to Facebook
  14. I don't like the new Prince Caspian
  15. But, I love the new Sense and Sensibility (minus the first scene and a few other parts)


Stephen G. said...

Sorry I have not done this tag yet I forgot about it, I'm supposed to post 15 random things about myself?

Ana Smith said...

That's fine. :-)

Sort of, but they also have to be things your not afraid to admit about yourself. Perhaps slightly controversial, pet peeves, etc...