Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daily Routine

Nastya tagged me!


1 - Post the six to ten things that you do on a daily basis
2 - Link to the person who tagged you.
3 - Tag five other people
4 - Leave a comment on the blog of the person that tagged you letting them know that have posted this to your blog.
5 - A rule I’m adding; you must tag at least one person who’s blog you have either just found within the last week or some one who’s blog that you don’t know very well!

  1. I check my gmail, twitter, facebook, and blogger.
  2. I read.
  3. I pray.
  4. I fuss at my brother.
  5. I make a mess in my room.
  6. I watch some form of television, whether it's YouTube, a movie, or actual tv.
I know it, I'm pretty boring. So, I'm going to tag some folks with much more interesting lives:
Bria, Jasmine, Taylor, Hannah F., Jessica, and Hannah G.

And, the "new" blogger to tag that I've stumbled across is: The Editrix at Ribbons of Light


The Editrix said...

haha! I did it! Thanks for tagging me. :-)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Thank you for tagging me, Ana!! I will do it soon!!

Have a MERRY Christmas!!!!!

Love, Jessica

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to do it, Ana! Great job! I loved your Christmas one, too. That one was super neat! Take care, and Merry Christmas!