Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Most of the time I get so caught up in my wants and needs that my prayer life consists of mediocre whining to God, asking Him to pull me out of discomfort. Subsequently, I feel the furthest from God when my communication with Him is that pathetic. When I'm able to crucify flesh for a moment, and focus on the needs of others, I feel much closer to my Savior. One thing that helps me with this, once my heart has been straightened out, is to have specific prayer requests about the big problems of this world. The following are some that I've been praying about lately:

Open Doors: This is the ministry of Brother Andrew (author of God's Smuggler) that reaches out to the persecuted church by providing Bibles, Christian literature, and leadership/pastoral training. At their website you can print off a monthly prayer calender and sign up for weekly email prayer updates.

Never Silence Life:
This organization was started by the Christian Contemporary band, Barlow Girls, to spread awareness and action on behalf of the infant genocide our country has embraced. Their website has a list of things to pray for throughout a 21 day fast. Although I am not participating in the fast, I have begun praying through the list on a daily basis.

Persecution Project Foundation:
This organization ministers to the persecuted African church, mainly to the Darfur conflict in Sudan.

What prayer requests are important to you?
Are there any you are aware of that the whole Church should be praying for, that you can share with us?

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