Sunday, December 07, 2008

Spiritual Sunday Week 3

"Believe God, or Believe "in" God?"~Kelly at Generation Cedar:
"Every now and then a verse, one I've known for years, just slaps me in the face with newly discovered truth.

'Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.'

Watch this...Abraham's righteousness did not come as a result of his believing IN God. It's easy to believe in God. Most people actually believe in God..."

"Grace is Amazing (Really)"~Hannah at Beauty from the Heart: “I’m afraid I’m not good enough to get into heaven.” The teenage girl twirled a pencil in her hand as she expressed her concern to the entire youth group. Other students nodded, relating to her fear..."

"Prayers for Marriage"~Tiffany at Pressing Toward the Mark:
"I stumbled upon these beautiful prayers while looking for some good quotes, and wanted to share them with you. One is written by Ruth Bell Graham, and the other written by Robert J. Morgan, and they really just make you want to do nothing but strive after the Lord, and let Him touch and be a part of every area of our lives- including marriage..."

"The Most Difficult Doctrine"~Lindsey at Beauty from the Heart:
"The hardest concept in the Bible for me to grasp is shockingly fundamental; in fact, without it, Christianity crumbles to nothing. Out of all the difficult truths in that Book, it’s the most popular one by far—chiefly because few find it difficult at all. It may be the most incredible—and, unsurprisingly, it may be the most grossly misshapen and carelessly handled."

"The Art of Diligence"~Jasmine Baucham at Joyfully Home:
"There is a word I've grown to love and hate this past couple of years, one that can be an uplifting encouragement at one moment, and a scathing reminder at the next: diligence."


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