Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Latest in Blog Designers

Two new Blog design services recently arrived on the blogosphere:

My history blog was recently redone by Deep South Blog Design. They provide classic and historically inspired backgrounds.

Deep South has also started Girls Just Wanna Have Blogs for their more feminine masterpieces.


conanima said...

hi ana i viewed your blog its very nice,i like to share my link with your blog.visit my walkitz.blogspot.com.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ana,

Miss you! Your blog is very nice. Hope to talk to you soon!

Lauren Hartley

Anonymous said...

Very pretty!

*~Virginia~* said...

Hey Ana,
Remember me? haha, its Virginia From camp!
Nice blog!
write me a note sometime!

One Of The Bunch said...

Your blog is beautiful Ana! I love the music too, btw. That is my favorite movie! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Amanda said...

Hello Ana,

This is Nastya from Out of the Silence.

Hey, I've recently begun helping Miss Jocelyn out with the "Homeschool Seniors 08-09" blog, and wanted to contact you and realized we didn't seem to have your email...would you mind sending me a note to homeschoolseniors AT gmail DOT com? That way I can respond and we can talk through email. This would be great! Thanks, and hope to hear from you soon!:-)


Bria said...

Hi Anna!
You have been awarded! Go to my blog for details!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to stop by and say hello. :)

Miss Jocelyn