Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My First Blog Award

I must admit this took me aback.
1) I've never received one
2) I've nearly disappeared from posting on my blogs lately.

However, I must offer a bouquet of gratitude to dear Bria, one of the precious lights of that dear valley in Ashville. I now offer this award to some of my friends who have done a much more admirable job lately to their faithful readers:

Because you never fail to give me something to laugh about, to show me another corner of God's wonderful world, or to reawaken the wonder and joy of friendship.

You're a bit calmer version of why I love your sister's blog. Your beautiful photography and extractions of the simple beauty of home life are an "eye in the storm."

Because we were separated at the hospital! But, also because of your God given gift for communicating truth so clearly and beautifully.

You work so hard all the time to change the world for Christ. You are truly a doer, not simply a hearer of the Word.

You're new on the blogsphere, but I've known you, well, all my life. From trampolines and baby dolls, to sleeping under the aunt's picture at Grandma's, to guys and growing up, it's been an interesting road together as cousins.

Alyssa and Christine:
Because of your wonderful work for the body of Christ. You're doing "hard things" half way around the world, but sometimes I feel like ya'll are right next door.

Sarah Jane:
I don't have to tell you why. Just kidding! You're mission in life is to make me laugh, and you do an awesome job of it.
Elise: the Editrix
Because of your love for art and literature and your very own, lovely, every-day-way of sharing it.

The Boyd Ladies:
Because of your delightful presence every Sunday and your clear, simple way of explaining the skills and joys of home.

Mrs. Fanning:
Because of your amazing skill at making me laugh at almost everything that happens at your house.

Here's the rules:

Thank the person who awarded you, and then award 10 people and link their blog to their name. Then tell the person they received an award.


I promise I will eventually come back around to posting on a more regular basis (I have a project up my sleeve I hope to reveal next week). In the meantime, you'll be more likely to find me on twitter and Facebook, just check out the sidebar to find me there.



Jasmine said...

Aw! Thanks, Ana ~we *were* separated at birth, I'm convinced! :-)

How sweet of you to think of me. :-)

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Thank you so much, Ana! I feel so honored by your sweet praise!! You've also got me motivated to update my blog again. *grin* I've been neglecting it shamefully of late!

It's been so wonderful to get to know you over the internet and a bit in person! It seems that another trip to Alabam needs to be in order sometime this year! :-D A person can hope can't they? *grin*

Again, thank you! Lord bless!

Love and Hugs, Jessica

Ana Smith said...

Jasmine: You immediately came to mind!

Jessica: Hope, hope, hope, girl...you've got to make another appearance in sunny Dixie again! :-)


Bria said...

You are so sweet Ana! And I have enjoyed your last few posts!

Christin A. said...

Hi Ana! :)

In behalf of Alyssa too, we thank you for giving us an award! ^_^ We'll still talk to whom we will give awards. By the way, I love the music here especially Love Is Not a Fight.. reminds me of Fireproof. :'( *Sigh* I've not watched it yet but soon a dvd will come our way... hopefully. Just seeing the trailer makes me cry already.

In Christ,