Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Bit of an Update

I’m back! (For a short while anyway.)

Although headed in some new directions, I’m still wrapping up a bit of high school. Between high school graduation, my 18th birthday, and fellowship with friends from Texas, the end of May was rather jam-packed. I recently purchased a better camera, which means less frustration on my part and more photos for you.

This Tuesday I arrived home from Kentucky where I visited grandparents. More frequent trips up north may be in store due to several health challenges my grandfather is facing. On Sunday I’m leaving to spend two weeks as a mommy’s helper for a church family. Painting the house, learning skills from Domestic Day Camps, sewing for my Etsy shop, and studying for my England trip will fill up my time afterward. This fall I’m planning on enrolling in College Plus! with an English major in mind and teaching private piano and a beginning writing class.


I won't be able to participate, but I thought I would spread the word:

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Giann said...

So glad your back for a little while! I really like your writing!!

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