Monday, November 29, 2010

Just Close Your Eyes

I'm learning how important it is to stop, close my eyes, and just listen while my students are playing. The written music, my notes for the student, and the student's hands distract from hearing the music pouring forth from the instrument.

Today I played the first page of a student's piece and asked her to listen and then tell me the differences in her playing and my playing of the piece. To my amazement, she rattled off a long list of contrasts. Then, she told me she caught all of that because she closed her eyes because she had noticed me doing so during her lessons.

I get so distracted with all the little things in life that I don't hear what God is teaching me through everything. I see what has to be done, what I want to do, and what didn't get done.

The issue is not that I'm doing too much. The problem is that I see my day chopped up by individual tasks. A day should be a unified time of service, stopping to listen to the one lesson God is teaching me throughout the whole day.

A better planned schedule or task list is not the answer, no more than staring at the written page is the answer for my teaching. A better motive and attitude should be my focus, to stop and listen every minute, to hear the melody that God is shaping throughout my life.

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