Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Music For Sale

I've been overwhelmed by the response to my music sale.  Thank you! I decided to make a condensed list here of what's left, to make it easier for me and others considering purchasing some music.  You may still email me at .  I will send you a Paypal invoice and ship your purchase once I have received your address and payment.

New condition books are half off retail. Used books are $1.00.  Used sheet music is $0.50.  Some items are free.  

Succeeding at the Piano by Helen Marlais

#1A FJH and Helen Marlais Catalogs FREE

#2A  Succeeding at the Piano: Lesson and Technique Preparatory Level Book with CD by Helen Marlais (FJH) $4.50  I am selling 2 copies of this book.

 #3A Succeeding at the Piano: Theory and Activity Book Preparatory Level by Helen Marlais (FJH) $3.25

Method Books: Repertoire Based

#5B Baroque and Classical Piano Repertoire: Preparatory Level by Keith Snell (KJOS) $1.00 Very light and few pencil markings throughout book.

#7B Fundamentals of Piano Theory: Level 4 by Keith Snell and Martha Ashleigh (KJOS) $3.00

#8B Everybody’s Perfect Masterpieces: Volume Two by Bigler and Lloyd-Watts (Alfred) FREE, many pencil markings, worn cover
Intermediate Performance Books
#5E Spelling at the Piano: Improvisations Based on the Music Alphabet by Frederick Werle (FJH) $2.25

Sheet Music

#3F Waltz Parisienne by Myra Brooks-Turner (FJH) $0.50 Intermediate Has measure numbers written in pencil. Current NFMC selection.

#4F March Royale by Melody Bober (FJH) FREE Bent and has several markings on first 2 pages.

#5F Galloping Stallion by Melody Bober (FJH)  Intermediate $1.50

#7F Rondo alla Turca by W.A. Mozart arranged by Willard A. Palmer "Simply Classics" (Alfred) Early Intermediate $0.50 Neat highlighting in first 3 measures.

#9F Elegy in E by Carolyn C. Setliff (FJH) $1.50 Late Elementary

#10F Valse Chimerique by Geoffrey Carroll  (Willis) Advanced $1.00

Other Materials

#1G Federation Festivals Bulletin 2011, 2012, 2013  (NFMC) $1.00  A few markings on a few pages.
#6G How to Understand and Listen to Great Music: Part 6 of 6: Romanticism-Modernism by Robert Greenberg (The Teaching Company)  FREE  Contains 4 cassette tapes and companion booklet in good condition.

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas by Meridith Willson (Plymouth Music) $0.50  1951, small water stain not on notes, otherwise great condition.

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