Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hope, Indeed (Easter)

Praise Him O new creation
Praise Him O fallen man
Praise Him O Israel
Praise Him Ye Gentile

Hope to serve He in whose image I am
His image lost now, indeed, who now am I
His people, my new image, Israel
Hope we to serve I AM

Yahweh, our God indeed, our lips do move
Our feet and hearts tell another story
Praise Him, hope in Him, He comes, He will rise
Our prophets speak, then louder, crescendo,
Until we crush their redeeming swords to whisper, whisper, we hear ye not

Not to hear
Not to see
Not rise
Not to hope, indeed

You say praise the suffering servant
Hope in the king victorious
Hope, it comes, to speak, shake, divide, open, rip, bring forth, make new, raise up
Is this hope indeed
You say hope itself must become lower, broken, bleeding, shattered, destitute
This, hope

Camel skins and locusts
Come, Come, Come
This My Son
Listen, Listen, Listen
These My people

Faith, o child
Get up, little girl
Weep, my brother’s gone

Prophet’s words, blasphemies
Lost preachers, hopeful sinners
Bridegrooms and brides, fathers and sons

Fish, camels through needles eyes, pearls
Seeds, vines, fig trees
Bread, water, wine

Father, Spirit, Son
Your will, My will, Our will
This hope, Our hope, Our people

Hope, forsaken
The king, bruised
He who will rise, dead

Hope dead, indeed, women weep, spices
Hope gone, men stunned, frozen

Empty tomb, cloth folded
I AM is here, indeed

Hope, my image is whole
Rise up, we are His people forever
Hope, I will serve
Rise up and hope, for I now see and hear

The servant suffers no more, the king reigns
Hope lives

Praise, O Praise I will, Oh Yes I will, for
Christ is risen,
He is risen indeed

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