Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thoughts on Identity as Children

These are some barely edited thoughts I jotted down after seeing October Baby several months ago:

Can you imagine knowing your mother wanted to murder you?  What self-worth would be left?  Where would you find identity?

Everyone has a story and a purpose, no matter who wants them.  The Ancient pagans told many stories of children whose births were preceded by prophecies.  Prophecies that spoke of sins, conquerors, and kings.  And so, out of jealousy, fear, and selfishness these uncommon children were banished to live as peasants, survived attempted murders, and lived in fear of some ambitious family member.  None could stand against the "fates" set in place.

Despite all attempts these children rose to commit the sins they couldn't run from, to overthrow usurpers, and conquer nations.

In Scripture, God sets apart certain of His beloved and of His enemies before they were born - some hundreds of years before.  Isaac, Cyrus, Christ, and John the Baptist were events in themselves simply upon their arrivals.  Some, like Samuel were gifts.  He was bestowed to a hurting woman and he in turn was a gift to the nation of Israel - a prophet as well as a mentor and adviser of kings.

Then, there were the children of Hosea and Gomer - a prophet and a prostitute.  Children born to be images of Israel's adultery and God's redemption through their very identities and names.

Another son of a redeemed harlot grew to serve himself as a kinsman reedemer.  His great-great grandson would die in infancy as a consequence of His parents' sin.  But, that child's brother would continue a scarlet thread of sons down to another king.  This king would be advised by Isaiah, who prophesied of a child who would be God with us...

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