Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bible Reading: Part 2

In the previous post I shared what my Bible reading has looked like in the past.  While I still engage in much of that, I wanted to also share a few new things that I've been trying lately:

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  • I've loosely been following Professor Horners 10 List Bible Reading System.  I had been feeling less than inspired about what to read next when I read about this on  I usually only get through 5-7 chapters today, but I don't stress over it.  I just pick up where I left off the time before.  Also, because my pastor has preached from Jeremiah and Habbakuk lately, I started there instead of in Isaiah.  This means that some days I read extra chapters in the prophet section, while still slowly cycling through the other lists.   I like the fact that this isn't a daily plan that frustrates me when I miss a day.  It doesn't make me feel locked in.  I also love the fact that it works with the discoveries I've made in the past by reading different books together at different times.  You notice and learn so much more this way than always reading Matthew and Genesis at the same time.  This system allows that because each list is a different length. 
  • My journaling in the past was extremely sporatic.  The last 3 years have been more diligent and I'm currently filling my fourth journal since March, 2010.  Recently, I've started taking a day each month to read that month's entries from the last 3 years.  It reminds me of lessons forgotten, and makes me thank God for His goodness since then.  More often than not, it will either make me laugh at my previous self for worrying so much over a circumstance or sober me from the realization that I still haven't learned a certain lesson.
  • Something I want to do more of is praying through more verses during my reading.  I've always prayed some, but I don't feel like I apply enough of my reading to it.
  • I've definitely been a much more diligent Bible reader and student than a "memorizer."  Right now I'm memorizing verses from 2 sources.  The first one is from a book I'm studying with ladies at my church: Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.  We are working through a chapter per month, so that provides a monthly verse.  The second is from a homeschool co-op I teach at.  They have weekly memory verses for the kids to learn, and I decided why not have the teacher learn them as well!  For this school year all of the verses apply to different names of God.  The first semester focused on the Hebrew names like Jehovah Jirah, Jehovah M'Kadesh, etc...  While I had heard these names in passing, their meanings stuck this time because I had familiar Scripture verses connected to them.  This semester there is more focus on the names of Christ.  To be honest though, most weeks this is really meditation for me.  I write the verses on cards that I keep on my desk and use as bookmarks.  I read them often enough that I could give a good paraphrase, but I'm still not very diligent to memorize them word for word.  I write the month on the cards, and store the old ones in an envelope glued to the inside of my journal. 
What do you do for Bible study?
What are some goals you have set for the year?

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