Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eden Needs No Music (An Excerpt)

I woke from sleep but not from dreams when the music started.  In my confusion my steps stumbled into a land where everything appeared, no there were no appearances in that far country, everything was new and innocent.  I was young in that place.  Not in years, for time means nothing there.  No, my soul was as young as an infant's.  My understanding seemed insufficient.  Not dirty, just not enough.

It was the sound of being perfectly alone, not lonely mind you, just solitary.  Nature looked like fairy land and it was all mine, and only mine.  One step, one voice would have spoiled that Eden.  When my fog began to clear I realized there was no music.  Only silence was decent there.

Music clothes its surroundings.  But, that garden needed no clothing. 

"I AM" was the existence of every shouting blade of grass, every proclaiming sunbeam, every silent hallelujah.  Not God, but each new thing my eyes beheld was a very first, a being at its purest.  Any creature needed no painting to see or remember beauty.  It needed no language to represent its existence.  No music was wanted to express what was rolling over the tongue of my soul.

I had stepped into a time when music and language were one.  The words a spirit savored came out simply through speaking...

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