Sunday, April 14, 2013

Almost Guiltless Candy Fiction

by Elizabeth Musser

Elizabeth Musser has a lovely writing style that allows the reader to really connect with the main characters.  Set in Atlanta during the Depression, it chronicles the friendship of two young women and their personal struggles.  I almost expected teenage drama, but these girls witnessed real struggles that I could identify with.

by Francine Rivers

This is a rare occasion where I like the movie better.   But, if you can't get your hands on the film, definitely read the book.  This is a beautiful story of redemption and reconciliation with different but thought provoking pictures of the Christian symbolism we often take for granted.

by Francine Rivers

An American Western version of the book of Hosea.  I didn't find the story as powerful as many other women, probably because I have different struggles than the "Gomer" character, but interesting to see this story retold nonetheless.

by Francine Rivers

Beginning with the destruction of Jerusalem of 70 A.D. it follows the fictional stories of a Jewish slave girl in Rome, a Germanic gladiator, and several Roman aristocrats.  Fairly accurate, I found it an interesting read.   However, flipping through the subsequent volumes in the series didn't prove to unearth equally historically involved or exciting reads.

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