Friday, July 31, 2015


Our culture has pretended that it is advanced and civilized. Our culture pretends to care for the downtrodden--for the minority. Granted the very idea of civilization serving others wasn’t seen until Israel and then not again until Jesus and His followers turned the world upside down. There is far more raw compassion shown today than 2,100 years ago.

But, this compassion seems diluted by frauds in our culture. This true love appears to have been crippled by the perversions that call themselves progress.

Compassion and love for a baby means boundless hope, care, and time spent for a tiny human being. They have toes that “go to market” and hearts that beat with yours. Their minds soak up your sounds, smells, and tickles.

When a baby enters heaven, he or she deserves to be grieved, cherished, and honored. This person is not tissue to place underneath a microscope or an organ to research.

Compassion does not resemble pagan child sacrifice and abandonment. It bears no mark to 20th century eugenics or to Nazi experimentation, but there are pseudo-medical facilities in my country that do.

Loving another woman does not mean providing health services alongside infanticide in the same building. It does not mean giving her more “rights.” To love her is to tell her that she was bought with a price, adopted by a Father who will never abandon her or her child, and made His pure and radiant Bride.

If we are to be a culture who cares for minorities, we have to start loving each and every individual as they are in front of us. Classification into sociological groups, monetary donations, and rallies and riots will not magically transform into love. Masking murder as mercy will not change hearts.

Jesus does. He has not given up on His church although she has stumbled and transgressed countless times. He has given us the power to strip facades from ourselves and the enemy surrounding us. Somewhere along the way we forgot that Jesus is setting His people free forever to live in His kingdom. His compassion is here and has the power to overcome every sting of death.

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